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Contributions - Help Us Grow!

Below are a few ways to help the community grow.
If you would like to be listed in our "Helpers List", please mention it in your email (designers) or notes (Paypal donations).

 Spread The Word

     Like the site? Think it's important to us to show off our judaism on Myspace? ;)

     Tell your friends about You can do it by email, PM, forums, talkbacks,
     send bulletins and any other (legal) way :)


     Share any Jewish Myspace graphics (you've made yourself) with the rest of the community.

     It can be glitter graphics, full Myspace layouts, contact tables, extended network images,
     online-now icons, mouse cursors and anything else you can think of.
     All graphics (except online-now and mouse cursors) must contain URL.

     We are always open to new ideas :)

     Email for design inquiries and sending the graphics: :

 Paypal Donations

     Paypal donations are welcome.
     All donated money goes to site maintenance, new graphics and new tools and features for

JewishLayout's Helpers List

The people who have contributed and made this site what it is.
Thank you very much !

Adi Shaul

Leigh Zimmermann

Shani Aliza